Sports Physical Upload Form

Athletes must have a current physical on file in the Activities Office before they are able to participate.  A reminder that physicals need to be updated every three years.  (Incoming Freshman physicals have been transferred from Clearwater.  7th graders and sophomore athletes are most likely in need of an updated physical before practicing in August.).  Note: If you are not able to secure an electronic version or scan the sports physical you will need to drop off a copy to the Waconia Activities Office during office hours.

This site requires use of Firefox or Internet Explorer.

If your exam form is available as an electronic file,

you may upload it here for delivery to the athletic department.

  • Fill in you your name
  • Press the "Choose File" button to locate the file on your computer for upload
  • Wait for the file name to appear in the box. This means it has finished uploading
  • Press the "Upload and Next" button to continue
  • Depending on your browser, you may or may not get a confirmation message. However, your physical DID upload. No need to send again.

( Maximum file size: 5 MB )

If you don't need to provide a new physical (physical is less than 3 years old)

simply click the "Next" button below.