Welcome to the Activities Registration Website

On this site you will be able to complete the Minnesota State High School league forms and find additional activity documents.

You will be asked to complete Emergency Card information, which includes information regarding medical insurance. Please have your medical insurance card nearby as you will need it to complete the online forms. You will also need doctor and dentist names/phone numbers.

This site requires use of Firefox or Internet Explorer.

How to Login into Your Student's Account

We have already created a Student Account Profile for you. Use the Forgotten Password link to retrieve your login credentials during the registration process or you can Login now by selecting the My Account menu link above. Remember to return to the Home page to start the registration process after you Login. 

Please note, you can also use the following login credentials:

User Name = Primary Phone Number on file with Waconia School District

Password = Student ID Number

Once you have logged in to one student's account, you will have access to all students in your family; there is no need to log in separately for each student.

Remember to change your Password once you login to the system as a first time visitor to this site. If you can not retrieve your Student Account information by using the Forgotten Password function or using the student's Primary Household Phone number and Student ID, please contact us.

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